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Welcome Riccardo!
posted 5 months ago

We'd like to welcome Riccardo Terlien to Shade of Hatred. Come and say hi to him at one of our shows! 

Sonia quits the band
posted 10 months ago

Some sad news to start the day. Unfortunately Sonia decided to leave the band. Next Friday will be her last show with us. So head over to P60 and check out this line-up one last time!

As for the future of the band, don't worry. We'll focus on finishing our upcoming EP and we'll find another badass bass player. We'll be back stronger than ever!

For those interested, here's a statement by Sonia:

Due to personal stuff like my own musical preference, time and student things I decided to stop with Shade of Hatred.
It is not an easy choice as I think it is a band with potential. The problem is that I don't feel in the way i'd like to feel in a band and that's different for every musician and band. Music means everything to me and to really give my best input to a band I need to have that certain connection. Sadly I don't find myself to have it with Shade at the moment. 
I for sure won't stop playing, definitely not. I play the bass on brutal osdm band Sepiroth + i'll be working on personal projects so expect new stuff soon enough! I wish the shady guys the best and who knows if our musical paths will cross again in the future.


posted 1 year ago

Yesterday we've been rocking out in Belgium! Thanks for all support out there! Up next: Anthologyfest. For those who have been waiting for a show closer to home, see you next saturday!

Tickets are for sale at:

We've won the vote!
posted 1 year ago

Big thanks to everyone who voted to get us to the Battle 4 BOA. It's now official, we've won the vote! To thank you for all of your support we've got a little surprise in store next Saturday! So keep an eye on our Facebook page, and keep it metal! You are awesome!

Battle 4 BOA Poll
posted 1 year ago

Right now we are participating in a poll to get a chance to compete at Battle 4 BOA. The winner of this battle will play at Baroeg Open Air. Please head over to our facebook page and show your support by voting for us. Thank you!